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vision aligned brand

How to Align Your Digital Brand With Your Vision

Whether you are lifestyle business owner, an artist, a small business owner or a mom and pop store, your brand must be a … [Read More...]

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Open for Business

The Branded Community and How to Create Yours #DairyGood

In the age of social media and digital branding, every brand must consider the architecture of their branded community and … [Read More...]

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Fake Followers: The Big Debate

Fake followers. The big debate... In recent news, Big brands and celebrities have been outed as having bought followers … [Read More...]

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How to Design a Digital Marketing Plan That Attracts Your Target Audience

Whether you are writing a business plan for a new venture or in the throws of growing an existing business, a marketing plan … [Read More...]

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Jodi Okun

Entrepreneurs, Mentors and Empty Nests with @JodiOkun #GoCFAA

There are people in this world who are honest, inspiring and genuine from the start, who give to others without expecting a thing in return and who make the world a better place simply by being who they are. Jodi Okun is one of them.

Over the past year, I have watched in awe as Jodi’s business has more than doubled in size. But Jodi doesn’t stop at just growing her client list, she is growing a brand. In the past few months, Jodi has become a contributor to the Huffington Post, been named one of the top four sources in her industry (college financial aid) on Twitter and she continues to gather awards, honors and acknowledgments for the exceptional work that she consistently produces.



Social A-Game Part 6: Make Health a Priority #SocialAgame

An apple a day…

Are you drinking the water, getting the sleep, fitting in the exercise, checking in with spirit, taking care of your relationships, flossing, not sweating the small stuff…so that you can play your A-Game?

The reality of living in today’s world is that stress is everywhere and if you don’t take care of yourself, there will be consequences. Even as a lifestyle entrepreneur, the tendency is to focus all attention on our business and our loved ones rather than ourselves. But the truth is that if we are not taking care of our body, mind and spirit, our business and family will suffer and we will not be positive role models for our loved ones.