25 Engaging Women Celebrities of Social Media – Vol. 2

Happy National Girlfriends Day!  With the incredible multitude of amazing women who regularly engage and enlighten social media, I simply could not stop with list #1!

Just to explain the method to these lists, each grouping is a beautiful mixture of traditional media celebrities and inspirational thought leaders – compiled to keep things interesting while also giving you another sample of uplifting brilliance to follow.

Really quickly, before I get into this list, I want to ask you a quick question and you can post your thoughts in the comments after the post… What do you think we should call these social media celebrities?  Hold that thought…

Okay, without further adieu, here are 25 Engaging Women Celebrities of Social Media (Volume 2):

Aimee Pilz @AwakeningAimee is one of those amazing people who spreads love all over Twitter while inspiring with great quotes and thoughts.  She is truly a sweet woman who is hugging with world and spreading unconditional love.  Follow her and she will not only respond to you, she will pop up into your stream and let you know she loves you!  Amazing.



Danielle Smith @DanielleSmithTV is a beautiful soul who oozes with enthusiasm.  As Extraordinary Mommy and a former news anchor turned vlogger, Danielle helps moms to know that no matter what happens in life, you are extraordinary.  Always encouraging, always kind, always honest… Danielle is truly a gift to social media and a friend that I treasure (and you will too!).


CamMi Pham @CamMiPham What more can you say about being a social media giver than someone who has an  image of her friends as her Twitter background?  I think that says a lot!  It is clear that CamMiLicious wants to give back and shine the light on those that matter.  She tweets about money, business, social media, travel and all kinds of cool stuff, but she also greets those in her stream and inspires with great quotes and tips.  I also love that her bio says, “will work for shoes” because I totally agree… a girl can never have enough shoes! ;)


 Barbara Duke @BarbaraDuke sends tweet love every day as #TL2U.  How super cool is that? She actually makes a point of it.  She is a cancer survivor and you can tell that she must be one of the best nanas ever because her Twitter background has a photo of her wrapping her arms around her adorable grandchildren and they have ear to ear grins!  Barbara spreads love, inspiration and kindness and she will definitely brighten your day!


 Nika Stewart @NikaStewart is an angel.  She is full of sweetness and her tweets are always super informative with tips from the Laptop Mom as well as words that make you think.  She will swoop in and give you plenty of hugs while always making you smile.  I love this girlfriend and you will too! :)


 Jean Parks @GeekBabe is a low profile social media cheerleader.  She is a loyal, giving fan who will drop by to support you and shine the spotlight on you, just when you need it.  On top of that, she is always thinking about what brands might be a good fit for you.  If she thinks she’s found a good match, she makes introductions (no need to ask).  So, if you want brands to pay attention to you, I honestly don’t know anyone else who you would want to connect with more than this babe!


 Kathy Ireland @KathyIreland Always engaged, responsive, supportive and showering her angels with love, the beautiful Kathy Ireland makes the world a better place online and off.  She is an inspiring mompreneur who has built a massive empire designed to make busy moms and their families’ lives easier while giving back to the world at large.



 Diana Adams @AdamsConsulting shares fun facts, stories and positive vibes.  Her stream is loaded with great reads and uplifting content that will help you grow a successful business and a happy life.




Melissa Wall @MissWall is a fitness expert with a great story that inspired her to help other women overcome their diet and exercise challenges, but she is also a pleasant friend to find in your stream or hers.  She inspires friends to lead a healthy lifestyle while being the best you can be.  Need a lift?  Miss Wall will carry you with rockin’ abs and award winning arms!


Marie Forleo @MarieForleo cracks me up!  Always positive.  Always upbeat.  Always powerful and empowering.  Marie is a joy to listen to on her Tuesday Q&A videos and as a coach and she is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to marketing and supporting great causes. She truly is an inspirational leader.



Oprah Winfrey @Oprah You know who she is… and you love her.  But on Twitter you get to see a different side of this GODDESS of business. She tweets ideas that make you think and she talks about being human and trying to live your best life.  She engages with people who aren’t just celebrities which is SO SMART!  She is also very funny as she gives us glimpses of the mega-powerhouse life.  In my opinion, if you are a woman on social media, you simply HAVE to follow this icon!  If you’re lucky, you may be the 34th person she follows! ;)



Aine Belton @AineBelton You may have seen her beautiful expressions of love and light on Twitter because she is often retweeted by her loyal followers.  #Aine spreads words of peace and love in a way that sprinkles beauty and magic with each tweet.  If you seek inspiration to make the world a better place, Aine will help you shine.



Del Williams @DelWilliams Love conversation?  Del does too! She’ll keep you current and make you think about what is going on in the world, social media, publishing, business and trending topics while inspiring you to love who you are.  Another beautiful thing to watch is the friendship and love on Twitter between Del and Kathy Ireland.  It truly is so sweet.



Laura Roeder @LKR is ADORABLE!  Isn’t she? She’ll help you find new ways to tap into your creativity while sharing great pics and stories that will help you laugh your booty off as you rise to the top of your niche.  She keeps it real while being fun and informative.



Christie Turlington Burns @CTurlington A truly beautiful supermodel, turned mompreneur, author, filmmaker and activist that is one of my SUPER role models. Christie is a successful business woman, loving mom and spokesperson who is absolutely making the world a better place for women who need it most.  Whether Christie is helping to raise awareness for Post-Natal healthcare or helping to bring awareness to other causes around the world, she is sincerely grateful for support that she receives on social media and she follows back!


Alexis Martin Neely aka: Ali Shanti @AlexisNeely calls herself an evolutionary strategist and I can’t think of a better model for evolution that Ali.  She lives life with both feet forward, ready to take on any challenge that comes her way with her “eyes wide open”.  She shares this process beautifully on Twitter, Facebook and on her blogs.  Her tweets give practical tips and advice while leading you to ways that you can approach evolution in a way that will help you find the truth of who you are.


Terri Nakamura @TerriNakamura loves people who are funny and smart and she also shares some super cool design tips and stories while engaging in a friendly way on social media. I love watching her stream because she truly is SMART and by clicking on her links or reading her tweets, I really feel smarter!  #truestory ;)



Marci Shimoff @Marci_Shimoff If you want to be happy for no reason or if you need help with love, Marci is fabulous!  She is great at engaging in conversations and just like the rest of this group of super stars, Marci is always upbeat and positive.



Marianne Williamson @MarWilliamson and her tweets recently helped me to focus on a miracle when my mom was in the hospital.  I look to her social media interactions when I need a lift of the soul.  She always comes through with awe inspiring thoughts that immediately put things into perspective.  Another must follow for everyone.



Ana Lucia Novak @AnaLuciaNovak This is going to sound so weird, but I love watching Ana’s stream to see where she goes.  She is always making great recommendations (based on experience) and doing cool stuff like celebrating cheesecake day, drinking wine or coffee and getting beauty treatments!  In addition, she shares great business and social media links!


Susan Cosmos @SusanCosmos wants to create a positive ripple effect in the world and it shows in her tweets.  She tweets and retweets quotes, affirmations encouragement and inspirational thoughts that show that she operates out of integrity.  Plus, I like a person who practices what she teaches while sending smiles and words of thanks!



Dede Watson @DivaCafe is all about networking and being passionate about your work.  She loves to give shout outs and spread gratitude to new and old followers and she is always engaging.  If you are a woman who likes to network, you will want to connect with Dede.  She’s great!



Kelly King Anderson @StartupPrincess Everything always sounds so fun over there at Start Up Princess!  From the #startupchat on Wednesdays at 2pm EST to the encouraging tweets to the party on Facebook.  If you are thinking about starting a business and you tweet this princess a question, you are likely to get an answer that will allow you to set the wheels in motion!



Tory Johnson @ToryJohnson How could anyone not follow a woman who is the Sparkle and Hustle Champion?!  I learned about Tory’s powerful work from my friend Marley Majcher aka: The Party Goddess and immediately fell in love with her message!  If you look at her stream, you will find tons of “Good job!”, “Go, girl” and “Love it!” messages.  This woman is one to know, follow and engage with if you want to get your sparkle on!


Alrighty… now for the fun part!  After reading about this group of 25 engaging women celebrities of social media what name comes to mind when you see the fabulosity here?  SMelebrities?  What do you think?  LOL.  Thoughts in the comments…


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